Whether its for training, promotion or to putting your song on YouTube, I can help.

Training and orientation videos

Every organization with new hire orientation and training classes can benefit from using a video to deliver these programs. As a business owner, you benefit from not having to pay someone to oversee all of the training, the trainee can view it at a time convenient to them, and the message will be delivered consistently to each employee. er you have your way of doing things. You’d like to make sure everyone learns the same thing, but you just don’t have the time or resources to spend with every employee. I can help you turn your existing training material into a video.


Get the message out about your product or service! Create a video for your website or social media.

Music Lyric Videos

You’ve poured yourself into writing a song and spend a long time in the studio to get your recording just right. Now you’d like to put your song on YouTube, but you don’t want just a card with your name on it while the song is playing – you want to keep your audience engaged!

Starting at just $300, prices vary depending on the length of the video and the desired level of visualization. These options include still/plain background, generic images, custom images, video clips and motion graphics.

Let’s get started! While every project is customized, the rates are reasonable and vary with the desired outcome. Consultations are free and, whether or not you choose me, I’m always happy to chat with you about your project over a cup of coffee .

These videos were created for singer\song-writer, Darryl Whitcomb