God’s blessed me with many creative outlets and photography is among my favorites.  My grandfather was a successful photographer and that creative talent seems to have been passed down through the family.  For me, it started with photography class in high school and I’ve taken thousands of pictures since. The lens provides a unique perspective. It can reveal a galaxy. Or it can capture a singular, isolated moment in someone’s life. A story.

Everyone has a story. Let me help you tell yours.

Everyone has a moment they want to capture or a story they would like to tell – your son making that catch, your daughter as she pole vaults over the bar, a lyric video for a song, or a product, service or business they’d like to promote. I enjoy working with others to help them achieve their photography or graphic design vision. There are a variety of ways to tell your story including photography, lyric or training videos, or business graphics and presentations.  Whatever your need, contact me today and let’s explore the possibilities!

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wm j “Bill” burke